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Dear Bikers & Friends!

Hardly a day goes by without the media reporting on the most savage mistreatment and abuse of children who were at boarding school or in children’s homes. Yet even today the vast majority of cases of violence against children take place within the families and their surroundings. Estimates say that in Germany alone there could well be up to 200 thousand victims of child abuse each year – and the figures are steadily rising! Take the European Union as a whole and you come to the mind-boggling figure of over 1.2 million sexually abused children. This figure doesn’t even take into account of the other millions of victims of other forms of child mistreatment.

Sad to say, there is little we can do to put an end to this horrific crime. But, dear Bikers and Friends, there is one thing that we can most certainly do:

Stand up and say NO to the savage mistreatment of children!
And give our aid to the innocent victims!

This is why we are now calling a fund-raising campaign into life to help abused children. We – the people who are starting this campaign – are all motorbike riders with our friends. We have the support of charitable social organisations which do an incredible amount of good work in supporting and looking after mistreated kids.

We are planning a fund-raising tour round the European Union. For the very first time a motorbike rider (Peter Vollmers) will tour some 22,000 kilometres of the outer EU borders. The start and finish will be in Berlin and the fund-raising tour is scheduled to get underway on 19 June 2010. It is supported by both the German Federal Association of Motorcyclists (BVDM) and the Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA).

As the tour makes its way through the different countries, the community of some 20 million motorbike riders living in the EU will get together with their friends to whip up what hopefully will be a real avalanche of donations.

Stages of the Fund-Raising Tour 2010

Starting in Berlin, the tour will run clockwise through the EU keeping as close as possible to the actual outer borders. The following countries will be crossed one after the other with meets-ups planned with the local biker communities and their friends in each country.

Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark

Countries without borders on the outside of the EU will all be given special greeting or a lap of honour.

Czech Republic, Austria, Luxemburg,

Peter Vollmers

The idea for this great motorbike fund-raising tour came from Peter who is also the man on the bike who’ll be riding round Europe. For around 30 years now Peter has been a foster father who has had many children in his care, including a number who have suffered very bad abuse.  He and his wife are still fully committed to the special care and attention such victims of early abuse urgently need. Most of the free time he has is dedicated to his most favourite hobby – for 50 years now almost to the dot he has been a passionate motorbike enthusiast, riding his bike in all weathers and taking it to some pretty far destinations.

These two enduring passions seem to have kept him hale, healthy and young!  Last year he reached the grand old age of 70 which decided him to call his charity tour:

Round the EU in 70 days at the age of 70! The first full lap of the EU by motorbike – 22,000 km in aid of mistreated kids!


All proceeds from the sale of stickers, patches, caps and t-shirts together with every cent of all direct donations will go exclusively to the good of mistreated kids and the projects that support and care for them. Contacts to print media and TV channels have already been made. New sponsors of the tour are always warmly welcomed! On behalf of the millions of mistreated kids in the EU, we call on all bikers and their friends:

Have a heart, take a stand, and come to our aide!

Bank Account Details

Account holder: FORENSIKA GmbH WpG StBG
Aktivverbund Berlin e.V. bikershelp

Bank: Commerzbank
Account number: 08 148 545 03
Bank Sorting Code: 700 800 00
Reason for payment: donation to – Aktivverbund Berlin e.V. bikershelp

IBAN: DE36 70080000 0814854503

Our Supporters so far
Bier und Brause Depot GmbH
Brauerei C. & A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG
Edgar Rosen
Meine Wilhelmstadt
Peggy Dransch – Verkehrs- und Baustellentechnik aus Spandau
Stefan Hessler
Valco von Vriedrichshein

Who is AktivVerbund Berlin e.V.

At AktivVerbund Berlin e.V. we are mainly foster parents supported by friends and sponsors who are active in academic, political and cultural circles.
First and foremost we represent the interests of kids in foster care and the families who care for them and we are actively engaged in advancing the cause of foster parenting. All our work is non-partisan and independent. It always has the well-being of children as its first goal and serves the public good.

The fund-raising tour is organised and supported by AktivVerbund Berlin e.V.  We would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have so generously given their time to help with our campaign. The executive committee: Katja Paternoga, Renate Schusch, Meta Kemmerich


AktivVerbund Berlin e. V.
Pichelsdorfer Str. 33
13595 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)30 617 43 713
Fax: +49 (0)30 369 913 83

Volunteers on the Fund-Raising Tour 2010

Kostas Angelakis, Petra und Falk Böhme, Stefan Bisse, Katja Clos, Jean Habib Gongbah, Gerhard Hanke, Meta Kemmerich, Herr Klein – Motorradcenter (Berlin), Bernd Lange, Oliver Lorenz, Silvia Lorenz, Katja Paternoga, Ginette Schenk, Renate Schusch, Martin Stark, Susanne, Isabel und Kornelia Vollmers, Peter Vollmers, Wuerzburger Sportversand and many many more …